Mac Anderson Obituary

Malcolm (Mac) Anderson, 97, passed away peacefully on Sunday, February 26th, 2017 in Eugene, Oregon. Born in Kingsburg, California on July 18, 1919, he grew up on his family’s farm near Center, North Dakota. In 1941, while serving in the army, he met Evelyn (Lyn) Bender. They corresponded during his time in the South Pacific, and after he returned they were married in Pendleton on … Continue reading Mac Anderson Obituary

My Tortured Relationship With Food

Dear Food,

I have always loved you. I love your sweetness, your crunch, your smell, the way you fill me up. I depend on you to stave off physical hunger, but also to make me feel better about the way my life is going, or to push down feelings I don’t want to address, or to soothe myself when I’m stressed or lonely or bored. Continue reading “My Tortured Relationship With Food”